Selling and letting homes like yours throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.



Why does social media matter when selling or letting your home?

Did you know that statistically only 43% of properties sell through the portals, Rightmove and Zoopla, leaving 57% selling by other means.

What other means?

Some estate agents gain traction through print advertising, whether that’s a full page spread in the local newspaper, a direct mail campaign, an email marketing strategy or leafletting. 

They all have their place.

Let’s give you another statistic though – 83% of internet browsing now takes place on mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets. Those days of surfing online via a desktop or laptop are diminishing. 

Yes, house buyers and house sellers will look on the portal apps on their smartphones, but many are also conversant with social media apps; it’s why we at Sefftons have embraced a strong “content marketing” approach.

When you sell or let your property with us, you get put in from of those 83% of buyers that are glued to smartphone screens in the places where they hang out.

Facebook. Approaching 2 billion members and still the biggest free platform out there. Your property will go on our Facebook page, it will be boosted and targeted at areas and people who are looking for property like that. We recently ran a short 20 second video advert on Facebook for 7 days and it had almost 2,000 views from people in areas we specified.

Instagram. Ours is still in infancy but is growing fast. Your property, when it goes on Facebook, will be placed on Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform. It won’t just be houses either – you’ll find images of staff, their weddings, stunning shots of East Anglia and we promise not to bore our audience. 

YouTube. Drone footage and video walkthroughs are standard with us – check these out on our channel.

LinkedIn company page. We have one. We won’t be posting individual properties for sale on there, but posting our articles, which will feature stunning homes in Norfolk and Suffolk.


Here’s the question: who would you prefer to sell your home? An estate agent relying on traditional methods or one that has embraced the social media age of 2022 and beyond?