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Why September is a great time to sell your home

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As autumn approaches and children return to school, thoughts may (or may not) turn to upcoming events – Halloween in October, clocks going back the same month; fireworks and bonfires in November and then Christmas. Many people love this time of year – the shortening of days, the dips in temperature and the russet reds and browns of falling leaves.

It’s also an optimal time to place your Norfolk or Suffolk home on the market, as many people want to move by Christmas and with 16 weeks to St Nicholas’ annual appearance, September makes perfect sense. The housing market has slightly cooled recently, but homes that are accurately priced, beautifully presented and promoted by our expert team, sell quickly. You only have to look at the number of properties we have that are SSTC to realise this.

Now you might argue that in a vibrant property market, any estate agent can market and sell homes, but you’d be wrong, we’re afraid. It is a mixture of science and art, head and heart, with a crucial factor being how a property is priced. There are many estate agents locally, and nationally, who have listings targets set. If that means they have to overvalue a home by £50,000 to secure a vendor signature, so be it. It’s not how we operate. You appoint an estate agent to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the highest price possible and if you’re serious about selling and moving (not shaking), you need a company like Seffton’s of Norwich, to make this happen.

A home you see has a frantic window of opportunity at launch. People looking in an area will sort properties on portals by newest listed, very often, and a home that has been unsold for 12 months or 3 years, will attract a certain level of suspicion.

No, you want to maximise viewings and offers in the first 14 days of launch and commit to accepting offers close to asking price. You may get this if you accept a higher price valuation for your home, but, trust us, when mortgage valuations begin, they won’t meekly accept and offer a mortgage on a home that is £50,000 too high.

September then allows you 16 weeks to move.

You need to be ready for the expectations that buyers will want to be in by then.

You need to appoint a Norwich estate agent who knows how to do this – the team at Seffton’s do this, every single day.