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The best beaches in Norfolk (and Suffolk)

We will start with an apology – if you happen to live on the coast and love the town, village and beaches, and we don’t mention you, it’s not intentional. Norfolk and Suffolk have a vast coastline that stretches from Hunstanton to Felixstowe and it would need an encyclopaediac blog post to cover each and every beach. But we will do our best, heading north to south.

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Are BTL landlords leaving the market?

There’s been seismic news in politics over the last few months with no less than three Prime Ministers in 2022 alone and a “mini-budget” that saw the market panic, inflation rise and mortgage interest rates soar. News has also filtered through that many Buy to Let owners are selling up, with an estimate of 25% being touted on Property Industry Eye.

Gone in 60 seconds with the right kerb appeal?

Those days of people walking into a town or city centre and visiting 5 estate agents to peer in windows are over. The regional quirks of waiting for the thud of the property supplement on Thursday or Friday in the local paper are over. There’s still a place for both of course – we have a new base on Plumstead Road, and in any town or city, you’ll see estate agency offices.

Are Norwich property prices going to continue to rise and rise?

There was much media fanfare, nationally and locally, about record monthly property price increases in January 2022. The figure varied from area to area, but across the UK, it was heralded as a 0.8% increase in January alone. This may not sound like a huge increase but if you were buying a property for £1 million in North Norfolk, for example, that increase in one month alone could equate to £8,000.